San Francisco based designer, Jake Ehrlich (JAKEe) has been designing clothing and accessories for more than a quarter century. Jake's philosophy has always revolved around creating timeless design. Jake has always said, "Timeless design, by definition, is when something appears to be from the past and the future–simultaneously." To learn more about Jake's design philosophy, please click here.


Jake Ehrlich

Jake Ehrlich is pictured above in 2010

Jake has been designing computer hardware, software and user-interfaces for more than a decade. He was also the lead imagineer for SAP, the $50 Billion German enterprise software company. Jake is the CEO and designer of BulletTrain which designs computer hardware and software. You can learn more at by

Jake has many interests and is a world-renowned Rolex history expert. Jake purchased his first Rolex Submariner more than a quarter century ago when he was 16 years old. He was deeply inspired by Rolex' timeless appeal, and created an online Rolex history magazine named Jake's Rolex World Magazine which you can visit by clicking here.



Timeless American Design

Jake was always intrigued with timeless design and particularly design from the late 1950s and early 1960s. Jake always admired United States President Ronald Reagan's style and met with President Reagan to discuss his sense of timeless style.

Ronald Reagan and Jake Ehrlich

Jake Ehrlich is pictured with President Reagan in the picture above an below.

Jake used to make custom suits for his clients and noticed that Ronald Reagan's tailoring was unusual throughout the 1970s and 1980s and could not figure out why? So when he sat down with President Reagan, he asked him.

Jake picks up the story: "I could not help buy notice how much President Reagan's tailoring style looked much more like it was from the 1950s and I could not figure out why? In 1980 when he ran against President Jimmy Carter he looked so different than everybody else. He had this 1950s 'Father Knows Best' sensibility. American men were still wearing platform shoes with pork-chop side burns and here was Reagan looking super-clean-cut. So I asked him and he mentioned his tailor named Frank Mariani, whose father had first outfit Reagan when he came to Hollywood in the the 1930s."

"President Reagan made an introduction and I went to meet with Frank Mariani in his Beverly Hills showroom. Frank brought me in the back room and put President Reagan's pattern on the table for me to examine. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw it!!! I instantly figured out what set President Reagan apart from everybody else!!!"

Ronald Reagan with Jake Ehrlch

Jake Ehrlich is pictured with President Reagan discussing timeless design

"Back in the late 1930s when Frank's father first created Ronald Reagan's pattern, men's suits had a distinct 'V' shape with a lot of drape. As Reagan over the next half-century and very slowly gained weight, Mariani would simply expand the paper pattern by stapling on a small extension, kind of like rings on a tree. This explained why Reagan looked so different. In the late 1960's and 1970's men's suites change from a 'V' shape to an antithetical 'A' shape. This explained why Reagan looked like he was from a different world."


Jake In The Design World

Jake was always inspired by fellow designer, Ralph Lauren and almost went to work for Polo as a designer back in the late 1980s. Instead, Jake decided to start his own clothing and accessories brand named DOTT by Jake Ehrlich. DOTT stands for Designs Of Tomorrow Today. In 2000 Jake started his new brand named JAKEe and in 2001 he met in New York City with Roger Farah, the Chief Operating Officer of the Polo Ralph Lauren brand as seen in the photo below.

Roger Farah and Jake Ehrlich

Jake Ehrlich is pictured above with Roger Farah, COO of Polo Ralph Lauren along with Jake's assistant, Kimberly

In the photo below, Jake Ehrlich is pictured with fellow designer, Tommy Hilfiger at Tommy Hilfiger's corporate headquarters in New York City.

Jake Ehrlich with Tommy Hilfiger

Jake Ehrlich is pictured above with fellow designer Tommy Hilfiger along with Jake's assistant, Kimberly


Jake's Other Interests

You can learn more about Jake's background, design philosophy and life by clicking on the banner below for

Jake Ehrlich's Personal Website


Jake is also a computer designer and was the lead imagineer for SAP. Jake also owns a computer company named BulletTrain which you can visit by clicking on the banner below:



Jake is a design fanatic of the highest order. He has committed his professional life to the understanding and implementation of excellent design. He maintains a blog dedicated to design which you can visit by clicking the banner below:

Jake's Design blog


Jake was raised by his Aunt, Dora Jane (his father Jake's sister) who founded the Whiteside Gallery in San Francisco, just off Union Street. Jake is a professional photographer and learned photography from some of the greatest photographers of the 20th Century. Jake maintains the Whiteside Gallery online which you can visit by clicking on the banner below:

Whiteside Gallery


Jake designed a line of jeans named JAKEeJEANS and you can learn more about the JAKEeJEANS brand by clicking on the banner below:



Jake is the namesake grandson of the world famous San Francisco attorney, Jake Ehrlich Sr. Jake maintains a webiste and blog dedicated to the memory of his beloved grandfather Jake which you can visit by clicking on the banner below:

Never Plead Guilty