Swatch Colors Currently Available For Fatstraps


Please note that the JAKEe Custom Fatstraps are made from the finest quality Calfskin in the world. We offer two finishes:

1. Smooth Calskin.

2. Calfskin with an Embossed Stingray pattern.

The colors that appear here are for representational purposes only and could look different on your screen due to lack of calibration. Rest assured that designer Jake Ehrlich has carefully chosen all the colors to go with your fine watch. If you have any questions about colors, please click on the contact button and contact Jake to discuss your options.

In the not so distant future we will be offering black and brown Alligator.


Turquoise Blue Stingray



Pistachio Green Stingray



Arctic Blue Stingray



Aqua Stingray



Teal Blue Stingray



Forest Green Stingray



Army Green Stingray



Avocado Green Stingray



Orange Calfskin



Orange Stingray



Dark Mustard Stingray



Dark Orange Stingray



Stressed Red Calfskin



Deep Red Calfskin


Pretty In Pink Stingray



Claret Red Stingray



Bordeaux Stingray



Brown Stingray



Dark Brown Calfskin



Very Dark Brown Calfskin



Very Dark Brown Stingray



Dark Brown Stingray



Chataigne Stingray



Brown Calfskin



Carmel Stingray



Tabaco Stingray



Royal Purple






Navy Calfskin


White Stingray



Dark Steel Blue Stingray



Amethyst Stingray



Black Calfskin



Black Stingray